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Sneed-Pool Cattle Co., Inc. was originally known as Sneed Ranch.  The founder, Joseph Tyre Sneed, Jr. (1876-1940), had moved from Georgetown, TX to Dalhart in the early 1900s to run the Dalhart National Bank, and further his cattle interests.  One of three children born to Joseph Tyre and Lillian Sneed while they were living in Milam County, J.T. Sneed, Jr. developed an interest in the cattle business through his father's ranch in Georgetown, TX, in Williamson County.  

In about 1906, J.T. Sneed began the Moore Co. ranch when the English Company, American Pastoral Company, began selling out its LX ranch land in the Panhandle.  Sneed, Robert Benjamin Masterson, and Lee Bivins were the three investors who divvied up that land.  Prior to the purchase, Sneed, one of his brothers, and an uncle made an inspection of the Moorc County land.  The uncle was in favor of the purchase until a dust

trees at a distance

storm, lasting two days, blew through. He changed his opinion, but the brothers did not, and purchased the land anyway.  They continued building the ranch as more land became available.  The ranch grazed steers, exclusively, until the father's death in 1912, when J.T. Sneed, Jr. added cows and calves.  It has remained a cow-calf operation since that time.

rainbow over pasture

When Joseph H. Pool, grandson of JT Sneed, Jr. took ownership of the cattle operation, he changed the name to Sneed-Pool Cattle Co., Inc. The goals at the ranch have not changed, however, and are still to improve the land, the wildlife and the cattle while preserving western heritage for generations to come. 

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Today, Sneed-Pool Cattle Co., Inc. runs a cow-calf operation in Moore and Hartley Counties, in addition to a horse breeding program.  The cattle still have the Hereford base that Sneed started with, but is more focused on perfecting the Hereford-Angus cross known as Black Baldies.

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